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  • Sa. 25. Mai: 15.45 – 17.15 Uhr


  • House
  • Dbz Fam/Wanted Posse
  • AOD 2014
    Winner Chicken&Beer in New York
    Guest at I love this dance
    Show at the Redbull BC One Final Wanted
    Winner Cercle Underground 2013 in House
    Special Price of Best Dancer at Cercle Underground 2014
    Winner Juste debout Switzerland 2012
    Winner Juste debout Greece 2013
    Winner Juste debout Italy 2014
    Winner Juste debout Sweden 2014


Perla has always been passionate about dancing. She first studied modern jazz at a very early age, and then integrated a dance school based on choreography. In her teenage years, Perla discovered hip-hop and mastered her skills with house, popping and hip hop pioneers. Familiar with the stage, video shoots and TV shows, Perla performed over a 100 times in the past three years with big names such as: Sean Paul, Big Ali, Zaho, Disiz La Peste, Tyga, Shana P, Anahy, Eve Angelie. She also appeared on the cover of cosmic magazine women edition in 2012. More recently, she is shooting a movie about the movements of the body which also stars major international dancers. Perla is a member of Wanted Posse and Dbz Fam.

In addition to her performing, Perla finds time to manage and direct the performance group “Viz-O”, which consists of 15 dancers, leading the way nationally and internationally. One of her dancers qualified for this year’s quarter final at Juste Debout in Paris, others have won Swiss Championships in Hip Hop and other choreographic competitions.

Despite my young age I decided to give everything I have and pass on my knowledge. This crew is like my family – they are like my brothers and sisters and I am very proud of them. I love teaching because I love the way people give me energy and push me to be a better dancer. I love the exchange, being inspired by my students and make them feel good when they finish my class.

I love coming to Zurich because the vibe is always so full of love and passion. People give the best of themselves and have a lot of respect for the hiphop culture. – Perla

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