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Katya Joy



  • So. 17. März: 17.30 – 19.00 Uhr


  • Organizer of “Hakuna Matata” dance session
  • Winner of Street Star (Sweden)


Katya is a passionate, experienced and universal street dancer with classic background. After 11 years of ballroom dancing she discovered underground dance culture at the age of 16 back in Russia. Learning about diverse dance styles she gave preference to house, waacking, and hip-hop and mastered it with pioneers. Since 2011 Katya is based in Switzerland. She is an active dancer, clubhead, a choreographer and a stage performer. Competing on international level she has won battles like Street Star (Sweden), Nothing but flavour (Suisse), Juste debout Suisse, A.O.D (France) as well had successful runs at House Dance Forever (Holland), Free spirit festival (Germany), Flavourama (Austria), Juste debout (France), Ladies of hiphop (USA) and others. To give back to the culture Katya is teaching national and international workshops as well regular classes in Zurich and organizes an annual event. Her “Hakuna Matata” dance session is aiming to set a platform for upcoming dancers to improve and develop creativity through exchange and connection. “House dance implies a no-judgement philosophy manifested into a free movement. Sharing love for the house culture is my goal and a teaching mentality.”

In the Workshop always I try to convince people to show their individuality, whatever style they are up to, but essence of house culture makes self expression more natural, easy and fun.

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