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Edwin Batalla aka. Batalla CL


  • House/Hip Hop
  • Crew: Dope Roc
  • Winner of:
    Funkin Stylez World Battle 2011
    Juste Debout Greece (2011) & Sweden 2014
    Me Against the World (Düsseldorf) 2016 HipHop
    SDK World Tour Winner (Czech) 2016 HipHop
    Flavourama (Austria) 2013 & 2016 HipHop


Born and raised in Colombia. Batalla CL is a talented dancer and perfomer, since childhood he has always had a huge love for hispanic dances like Salsa, Bachata and Merrengue because of his Latin Culture.

Batalla is a quite and reserved person but at the same time he has got alot of passion about sharing all this amazing feelings that this dance brings to him. He is a open minded dancer and one of the most interesting and unique representative of the New Generation of the Hip Hop dance scene. Through his deeply connection between him and the music, his smoothness in movement and knowledge of different Latin dances, he is able to create a unique Flow and Footwork which he is very known for.

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