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Alexandra Lemoine


  • Modern/Urban Jazz
  • Artistic Director of The Art School Center in France
  • Various projects and worked with different companies such as: Disneyland Paris, The Movie “Disco aux côtés” de Franck Dubosc, Museum of the Millenium in Beijing, Cirque d’Hiver de Paris, UNICEF, Laboratoire Roche etc.


Trained as a dancer, Alexandra Lemoine presents a very eclectic career spanning French television (choreographer for the TV show “Chante” on the channel “France2”, made-for-TV movies and short programs) and big show productions in France including the RTL Disco Show, RFM 80 Party tour, Bobin’o cabaret and the Châtelet theatre in Paris. Her broad career has encompassed different projects including Disneyland Paris, the popular French movie “Disco”, varnishing at the Millennium museum in Beijing, parades of haute couture, Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, a concert for UNICEF, Lipdub Laboratoire Roche, advertisings and flash mobs. As a choreographer, Alexandra has gained a very diverse wealth of knowledge as her scene experience covers all types of styles and audiences (i.e contemporary, modern, jazz, commercial, street dance, etc.)

After working as a dance teacher at the “Académie Internationale de la Danse” (AID) in Paris, Alexandra is now practicing at the Harmonic studio in Paris. Additionally, as a cast member for Kamel Ouali in the show “Gone with the Wind”, she gained experience training candidates for auditions of renowned musicals until the beginning of 2011. Alexandra is regularly invited by different French dance training centres as choreographer-teacher. Since September 2010, she has also been retained as a permanent teacher at the Heart Point studio in Paris.

Moreover, Alexandra leads improvement workshops throughout the year in Europe including the Dance Station studio in Munich, the Juste Debout School, the Harmonic studio, the James Carlès center, SOBANOVA, Ten’dances center, and the choreographic arts academy. She is also served as a member of the jury for the Baridanza festival in Italy.  As a dancer in the Rick Odums Company, she managed to break through into the very selective world of the professional dance with her precise and innovative choreographic work. Alexandra’s is a well-known choreographer with a very unique style that has been cultivated through her training with an eclectic group of companies and inspiration from others. For example, Alexandra’s choreography incorporates elements of American Jazz which are motivated by the stylings of Lester Horton and Alvin Ailey.  With her professional Company, Alexandra tries to extend the boundaries of the traditional codes of academic dance. She presented the “premiere” of her show in April 2010 at the “Cirque d’Hiver” in Paris. In June 2010, she was invited by the Ascendanses festival in Paris to present her video-dance creation “Game Over” which she subsequently played throughout France starting at the Jean Vilar theatre in Ile-Saint-Denis near Paris.  In December 2011, she participated to the “Circus festival” in Paris, presenting two pieces of her artistic repertory. For 2012, she has planned three video-dance projects to be released before the summer. In parallel, she will establish French and German exchanges to present her show “Game Over” in both countries.

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